The world is a big place and it’s human nature to get out there and explore it. When you travel with AbFab Holidays GmbH, you enjoy unmatched insider access to the authentic heart and soul of a place and to people and sites that sometimes lie far beyond the reach of the average traveler. We’ve put a lot of research into our itineraries, operators and accommodation.  So why spend hours agonizing over every detail of your solo voyage when you can leave it to someone who lives and breathes your style of travel.   The small group philosophy means a lot to us. Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe.  Group size will vary depending on where and how we’re travelling, but our average group size is about 8.

Your Tour Guide brings your itinerary to life through years of firsthand experience in your destination, sharing insights into the culture that can only come from someone who is, in fact, a local. Overseeing your entire journey and accompanying you every day, he or she reveals the real spirit of a place, connecting you to the people, places and culture you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.
We also believe that travelling should be a comfortable experience. Private transport means less waiting around, a little more flexibility in each destination and being able to go where the big tour buses can’t.
So instead of worrying about planning and financials, you can focus all your energy on having the experience of a lifetime. Travelling  with us is more than a vacation, and we ensure that you will return home with stories you will tell for years to come. Because AbFab Holidays GmbH was designed to cater passionate travelers who love to explore a world of  Antiquity, History, Nature, Wellness and Food.  
It’s all written in our name!  Absolutely Fabulous Holidays!
Aimilios Tsarouchas,  Marianthi Leleki

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