Make your childhood fantasies come true

If you go out on a dark night, you will immediately understand why astronomy is so exciting and beautiful. The Milky Way, stretching across the heavens, the elegance of the constellations, the Moon with its ever changing phases, are all part of our past and our future. Astronomy also ignites our curiosity for, the beauty of the universe is not limited to what is immediately visible to our eyes. 

We people have had an intense relationship with the stars and planets for thousands of years and Astronomy is considered to be the first science. Ancient Greeks were the first astronomers to make a systematic catalogue of the stars and their contribution to astronomy’s development, is considered to be a major phase in its history. Through a telescope, the craters on the moon, planetary disks, galaxies and open clusters come into view, often sparkling in their majesty. Astronomy is available to all, from the small child up to those just young at heart.

We invite you to join in, for a journey to some of the most beautiful things ever seen by human eyes.

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