Greece's best kept secret

The trio of peninsulas, each surrounded by warm seas, is easily reached from Thessaloniki. Halkidiki boasts endless sandy beaches, picturesque villages and many places of historic interest. It offers a compelling blend of classic beach holiday and cosmopolitan atmosphere. On the beaches of Halkidiki, holidaymakers will discover gorgeous stretches of coastline fringed by enticing tropical waters. There is also a wealth of historical treasures to explore from Roman to Byzantine eras, which comprise some of Greece's most interesting places to visit.

To the west, Kassandra is the most popular with overseas visitors. Its combination of splendid beaches, traditional villages, ample activities and modestly sized resorts is hard to resist. On a clear day you can see the myth-laden, Mount Olympus across the vast Gulf of Salonica.

In the middle you can find the second peninsula, Sithonia, with its backbone of mountains and pine forests, a mix of little towns, as well as pretty villages has long been a magnet for Greek holidaymakers and has a more authentic feel. The east side has commanding vistas of "Mount Athos", the third peninsula.

The most easterly "Mount Athos" peninsula includes some of the most beautiful scenery in Greece and is a holy region, full of monasteries although not easily accessible to most visitors. Three hundred (300) kilometers of coastline (the biggest in Halkidiki), numerous beaches, bays, little islands, crystal-clear blue water, golden plains, luscious green mountains, all wisely placed and harmonious! Visit Mount Athos, enjoy a dip in the water along the sandy beaches, walk along the path that gave birth to the great ancient philosopher Aristotle and taught Alexander the Great, take a tour along the green or purple (depending on the season) Aristotelian Mountain and dash along the hillsides of Holomontas mountain.

Halkidiki...Perfect for those in search of tranquillity and traditional Greek life!

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