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Mount Athos Area Gourmet is the top culinary event of the year! Under the shadow of Athos, in the gulf of Mount Athos, at the foothills of Aristotle’s mountain, the Strymon Gulf, the Ierissos Gulf, the outskirts of Holomontas Mountain, we invite you to smell and savour the products and the tastes through a wonderful gastronomic feast, which from today you will take part!

Celebrations of nature, the sea, the land and its products, contests and traditional cooking lessons, flavours that highlight our organic products and rich produce, flavours from Asia Minor, ancient, traditional, monastic, Mediterranean, and gourmet dishes – created by local and celebrity chefs.


The Mediterranean olive oil feast !
The Mediterranean cuisine feast !
The Mediterranean summer feast !
The monastic cuisine feast !
The Mediterranean breakfast!
The feast of the Aristotelian Sea!

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