Wine Fantasy in North Greece - 9 Days

9 days / 8 nights

Dionysus was the  Olympian Greek God of wine, festivals and pleasure. He travelled more time than being home. In his journeys, he gained many followers and fans because, wherever he came, he taught the locals making wine out of grapes.  In Greece, favourable soil and climate conditions have allowed the wide spread of viticulture, since the early historic years. The beginning of Greek viticulture dates back to the early Neolithic Age.  Homer in his “ Iliad ” and “ Odyssey ”, Plato and Xenophon in their  “Symposium” and Athinaios in “ Dipnosophistes ” often refer to the famous wines of antiquity.
Today,  the Greek wine industry has undergone enormous improvement with serious investments in modern wine making technology.  Extensive variety of grapes together with the Greek climate, plentiful sunshine, low average rainfall and soils of moderate fertility combine, to provide an excellent environment for the production of high quality wines.
Northern Greece represents one of the oldest and finest wine-making regions in the country. This tour, is focused on some of the country's finest wine-lands and most exclusive vineyards. The  vineyards host cultivars of foreign origin, such as some of the best  “Sauvignon Blanc”, “Chardonnay”, and “Syrah” varieties , as well as native cultivars, with the noblest red “Xinomavro”  and white “Malagouzia”  being  the most famous among them.
Moving throughout Northern Greece, you will explore some of the  most respected and revered wine regions, including Naousa, Amyntaio, Drama, Maronea, Chalkidiki,  Kavala and of course Thessaloniki. You will also visit  archaeological and historical sites, spots of natural beauty.  Enjoy the beauty and flavours of the Northern Greece valleys and  wine countries. Explore a breathtaking landscape dotted with picturesque vineyards. Tour in private with the wine-makers, taste delicious wine, enjoy gourmet food. 
This vacation is handcrafted for connoisseurs and wine lovers, taking you for a unique tour via the renowned valleys of Northern Greece.
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